Brown Turbo Stretch Hat
Brown Turbo Stretch Hat

Brown Turbo Stretch Hat

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We know these days life can be very hectic, for those always on the go and love to keep your locs covered, sometimes you just don't have time to spend 5 minutes or more wrapping your locs.
Here is where these stretch hats comes in, cover your locs in less than 3 minutes and still look cool and stylish. 

** Stretch hats is made from quality stretch fabric, the hat is doubled for extra durability, Made up of 4 panels and a circle crown , and has a 2.5" band. Sits flat on top.

Color: Brown

  • 10" Hat- For starter locs.
  • 12" Hat - For short locs that can't wrap in a bun.
  • 14" Hats - For shoulder length to long locs that can wrap in a bun.
  •  16" Hats - For long to very long thick locs that can wrap in a bun. Or shoulder length locs that you want to hang .
  •  18" Hats - For thick long locs you want to hang .
  • 20" Hats - For very long locs you want to hang some.

How to Wear :The hat stretches comfortably to fit your locs.

  • Short locs : Simply push your locs up in the hat and adjust.
  • Shoulder Length - Very long locs:  Wrap your locs up in a bun, pull hat over locs, and adjust.
  • Hanging locs: Pull hat over locs and pack locs to fit the length of the hat, and adjust fit. .That's it.

  • 97% Polyester / 3% Lycra
  • Hand Wash/ Machine wash
  • Handmade in USA

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