Headwrap & Turban Storage

Headwrap & Turban Storage

How do you store your headwraps, turbans, hats?

I struggled with this for years, I tried drawers, bins, baskets even hangers but I did not like those.

I own tons of turbans, and I wanted easy access to them, I also wanted to see them at first glance.

Sew, the other day an idea came to me and I decided to create it, and waala.. where have this been all my life. I call it "Over The Door Headwrap organizer".

It has 3 loops on top that hangs onto an over the door rack on my closet door. It comes with 10 clear pockets, 8 pockets is 8" deep and the two bottom pockets is 10" deep. 
My headwear I now see at a glance, stored neatly and easy to reach!

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I love this, will these be for sale?


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