Sewing 103- How To Draft Your Skirt Block - Zoom Workshop - 6 Weeks

Sewing 103- How To Draft Your Skirt Block - Zoom Workshop - 6 Weeks

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Learning to draft your skirt block is perfect for complete beginners and those with sewing knowledge.

In this course you will learn how to draft and fit your skirt block. After your purchase you will be emailed a link to all the pdf's and Videos of your course and arrangements will be made for the start date.

The course would be taught for 6 consecutive weeks via zoom.

Difference between a block and a pattern?

A Block:  I call the “Master Piece” is made from thin cardstock like manila pattern paper, it has no seam allowance. You trace out the block on thin paper like Kraft paper to create your pattern, which you will add seam allowance, cut out and pinned to fabric. 

Every style originates from Blocks, which is transferred to patterns to create your style. This is used for skirts, bodices, sleeves, dresses and trousers.

A Pattern: Is your finished design (which originated from your block) is ready for cutting out and sewing.

As blocks are made from cardstock, it is easy to trace around them. You usually make design-line markings on the blocks which you then transfer to the paper pattern, and you can also refer to those design lines on the block when making future patterns with that same Block. Blocks are usually stored by hanging them on a pattern hook hangers, they aren't folded up like paper patterns. Below are some pattern hooks hangers.

 In This course you will learn:

  • How To Take Body Measurements.

  • How To Measure Your Skirt Length.

  • How To Draft Your Skirt Block.

  • How To Cut & Trace Out Your Skirt Block.

  • How To Transfer Your Block To Paper & Add Seam Allowance.

  • How To Cut Out Your Pattern & Pin To Muslin.

  • How To Cut Out Your Muslin.

  • How To Trace Your Darts On Your Muslin

  • How To Sew  Darts & Sew Your Muslin Skirt.

  • How To Fit Your Muslin Skirt.

You will get PDF’s of:

  • The Skirt Block

  • Measurement Chart

  • Taking Measurements

  • Explanation of terms used

  • Pattern-Making tools chart

You Will Get Videos of:

  • How To Take Body Measurements

  • How To Measure Skirt Length

  • Trace Skirt Block For Skirt Pattern

  • Cut Skirt Block On Muslin

  • How To Sew The Skirt Dart

  • Fit Skirt Block

You Will Need:

  • Sewing Machine

  • Paper Scissors

  • Fabric Scissors

  • L Square (Plastic or metal)

  • French / Hip Curve (Plastic or metal)

  • Brown or White Paper

  • Manila Pattern Paper (It comes in10 yds. increments)

  • Pencil & Eraser

  • Measuring Tape

  • Pins

  • File Folder For Paperwork

NOTE: Sewing kits for your muslin fit will be shipped to you after you purchase. You can start working on the block in the meantime.

Please look at the videos before attempting to draft your skirt block.

Course Duration: 6 weeks 2 - 2 1/2 hours per week. 

 PREREQUISITE: Sewing 101-Know how to use the sewing machine.