Made To Order Skirts


All our skirts are made to order, so we require 1-2 weeks after your order is placed to ship. You will notice while trying to place an order that we require 3 body images of you from waist down. Why? Well, Jahfya never uses commercial patterns and each woman has a different shape. It may be broad hips and no butt, big butt and no hips, big butt and broad hips, belly fat and so on. So I require these images to create a pattern just for you, yes, I create an individual pattern for every woman. However, if you do not wish to submit your body images you don't have to.

Now, every designer/ manufacturer size garments differently, most of them size them small to give on the illusion that they are smaller than they really are, hence that reason being from the islands where most of our women are curvy whether they are slim, thin, thick or plus. So based on years of experience I have used this theory to create my own size chart. Some may still not be sure how to choose their size, that is why you are also required to submit certain measurements when you place your order. You can go here to see how to measure. It may seem like a lot just to order a skirt, but it's not, this method just makes it possible to custom your skirt to fit you. That way, you wont have your skirt jacked up at the back because you have a big butt, or pulling at the sides due to your hips and so on.

Jahfya  is always here to help, and it is very important to her that your skirts fits well, because she sew to fit. So, if you ever need any assistance, the quickest way is via text. Text Jahfya at 347-549-3969. Be Blessed!